Everyone therefore benefits from the online shop and the casually styled presence in Europaallee: the local producers whose products they seek out all over the world. The small brands that benefit from the shop-in-shop concept. And of course the customers who, thanks to Fashnpie, wear both well-known and unknown trends and brands.

The founders underline the importance of Fashnpie.

The founders emphasise that Fashnpie is more than just clothing: “For us, fashion is a way of life. Knowing the story behind the products, looking for new inspirations around the world and surrounding ourselves with aesthetics and functionality, that is our lifestyle. That’s why our range is as diverse as life itself.” At Fashnpie, customers can find everything from living products to clothing and accessories to children’s clothing and beauty collections.


Fashnpie Europaallee
Lagerstrasse 102
8004 Zürich

Opening hours
Mon - Fri
11:00 - 19:00
10:00 - 18:00
Sunday (general holidays) closed