Wood Factory.

Wood Factory builds unconventional furniture in vintage and industrial style from the boards and metal of old houses, boats and oil barrels. Each dining table or desk, chair or bench, shelf or cupboard, sideboard or sofa, lamp or accessory is either a unique piece or part of a limited series and brings its own personal story. For Carlo Zuffellato, founder of the Wood Factory, it is important “that the pieces of furniture retain their natural character and the traces of their former life.”

The product range is complemented by a diverse assortment of textile and ceramic products, as well as numerous accessories, all of which are handmade and have a character all their own. In traditional handicraft and small workshops, unique objects are created that find their way directly to their future owner without middlemen and mass production.


Wood Factory
Europaallee 34
8004 Zürich

Opening hours
Mon - Fri
10:00 - 19:00
10:00 - 18:00