Always A Way: Art on the roof.

An installation by the well-known artist Brigitte Kowanz (*1957 in Vienna) is now flashing on the roof of the building directly next to the Europaallee/Zurich main station staircase.

The leitmotifs for the permanent installation in Europaallee are mobility and movement. The title “Always A Way”, written in binary Morse code on the LED strips, refers to the ambivalence of our globalised, digital world. “Always A Way” is the message. However, if you read this coded message without spaces, you quickly arrive at “Always Away” – always on the way or always absent. The illuminated, net-like sculpture shines in different ways into the Zurich sky and takes on a different shape depending on the perspective of the passers-by.

Art in public spaces had an important role to play in the development of the Europaallee area from the very beginning. In June 2009, the Office of Urban Development (Amt für Städtebau) announced a curatorial competition for an overall concept. The winning project was “Space” by the Zurich curator Patrick Huber in a team with Evtixia Bibassis. The concept envisaged two phases. During the construction period between 2011 and 2019, the Europaallee construction site would be used for temporary artistic interventions. Since the end of the construction work (2020), light and sounds have created a non-ordinary perception of the site. For example, the sound installation “Harmonic Gate” by the internationally renowned artist duo Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger (O+A) on Europaplatz.

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