Negrellisteg: New neighbourhood connection open.

The Negrellisteg takes into account the urban development on both sides of the tracks near Zurich HB and connects districts 4 and 5 with each other as a pedestrian bridge. The construction of the Negrellisteg with a span of 160 metres and only four supports was a technical challenge. Complicating factors were the ongoing railway operations, limited transport options and delays due to Covid-19. It was therefore all the more gratifying that the new pedestrian crossing could be opened to the public on 26 March 2021 after a relatively short 18-month construction period.

The Negrellisteg stretches from Gustav-Gull-Platz near the central signal box in Europaallee across the track field to Zollstrasse/Klingenstrasse and is a joint project of the City of Zurich and the SBB.

More about the Negrellisteg:

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