“Lucky Punch”, which was founded in early 2020 and quickly established itself in the city of Zurich as a very popular boxing fitness community with highly frequented boxing sessions in various pop-up locations, is especially known for its trendy Instagram presence with a constant surprise effect.

Now Lucky Punch finds its first flagship location in Europaallee. This stands as “GATE TO EUROPE” and is just the beginning of a journey to make the Lucky Punch brand internationally known. With Lucky Punch, Europaallee gains a new kind of fitness experience that Zurich has never seen before. Europaallee is an important connection point of the city and just as mixed as the Lucky Punch community. Students, visitors, businessmen, professional boxers and newcomers meet here.

Lucky Punch is less of a fitness brand and more of a lifestyle brand, inspiring the community to constantly improve themselves, fight together for a collective goal, and instill confidence, health, and stamina without risking a black eye. “The Bag is your mirror” is the motto. The fitness inspired boxing classes take place on the punching bag, which are complemented by exercises with weights on the mat, are suitable for everyone: beginners or advanced. You put on the noise-canceling headphones and immediately dive into a world of your own “music on – world off”. The trainers are specifically trained and know exactly how to match the songs to the exercises and accompany a complete hour with electronic tunes. The trainers are also regularly supported by well-known DJ’s at home and abroad. The adjustable volume allows everyone to create their own unique experience – after all, everyone has a personal idea for loud and motivating music.

Address Europaallee 5
8004 Zürich
Opening hours
Mon - Fri
06:30 - 21:00
09:00 - 17:00
09:30 - 14:00