Superwomen with superpowers.

Since launching at the end of August, Andrea Hager and Tania Ferreira have been warmly welcoming their customers to the Europaallee Passage. When we visited, we met two genuine superwomen – in the truest sense of the word. For one thing, both women radiate an incredible amount of energy. Their new business idea ‘MANA’ is all about sharing this vitality – and the secrets behind it. And that’s exactly what they intend to do.

In Hawaii, the word ‘mana’ represents a type of power for energy. And in Zurich, MANA has recently become the first store to offer personalised nutrition coaching and advice alongside a selection of healthy whole foods. But for the two entrepreneurs MANA is much more than just their work. They quickly realised that nutrition, health and exercise are essential in their private lives too. “We are definitely both very sporty people. We get up every morning at 5am and exercise for an hour –jogging, workouts, strength training or yoga. On our days off, we spend every hour we can out in nature or up in the mountains: skiing, cross-country skiing, biking, hiking or golfing…” What’s more, both Tania Ferreira and Andrea Hager predominantly eat a plant-based diet that is healthy and balanced.

This is much easier to stick to when you have a large selection of diverse superfoods to choose from. The two experts are 100% convinced of all the products they offer in their shop. Andrea swears by superfoods: “Every meal can be enriched with an extra serving of strength, antioxidants and minerals through the power of plants with an incredible amount of nutrients.”

It’s no coincidence that the two women lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Tania Ferreira is a passionate track and field athlete with a degree in Human Movement Sciences and Sport from ETH Zurich. She has completed further training in nutrition and developed lots of experience as an independent sports and nutrition coach. Andrea Hager also has many years of competitive sport behind her. Having been deeply involved in the field of nutrition for a long time, she is now completing training to become a nutrition therapist. As accomplished experts, the two women know everything there is to know about nutrition, superfoods and vital substances, as well as their individual effects on the body, health and well-being. “For me, there’s nothing better than sharing my knowledge, inspiring people and empowering them,” Tania Ferreira enthuses.

From a lack of energy, gastrointestinal problems and joint inflammation to improving performance, eating a balanced diet and losing weight, the people who come to MANA for help are just as diverse as their problems and goals. The personalised advice Andrea Hager and Tania Ferreira provide has already set countless men and women of all ages on the path towards health and tasty food.

“One customer was completely free of any musculoskeletal pain after just a short period of time, while another lost over 18kg. But we are particularly happy for one customer, a diabetic who, after switching to a healthy diet, now has ideal levels and can live without having to taking medication.”

Such success stories are incredibly motivating for the two superwomen. They don’t believe in diets. Balance is key, they say, to secure a long-term impact at all levels. By helping people to replace old (eating) patterns with new, healthier habits that can then be internalised, their mission is to empower people to (re)discover more energy, more power and more joy in their daily lives.

Come by and let yourself be inspired.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 09.00 – 19.00
Saturday: 09.00 – 18.00