In der Wood Factory findet anlässlich der Ausstellung «Handle with care!» von Marika Rosenius eine Vernissage statt.

Mehr über die Künstlerin
Marika is a Finnish artist living in Zürich and she is fascinated by the complexity, the beauty and the chaotic order in Nature. In her belief, wood retains the spirit of the living tree and she wants to honour this. Through the combination of painting and her love for wood, she has found an authentic and personal style to express this feeling. Her works look like traditional paintings viewed from a distance, yet on closer inspection the surface has a rich and illusory texture. Marika «draws» with her saws and chisels on wooden boards, transforming the saw marks into a botanical imagination. The waste wood, i.e the woodshavings are integrated in her pieces thus adding to the organic feel she is searching for. A painterly touch is obtained by adding several layers of earthy tones of acrylic paints and pigments. A meditative calmness is fulfilled, far away from the hectic urban life.

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10 Juni

Wood Factory: Art & Apéro

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10. Juni 2022 18:00 - 20:00
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