Arniko Concept Store: Fair, urban fashion. New, but already old.

Arniko Concept Store is the new and at the same time old name of the fashion shop at Europaallee, which was called Feinraus from 2012 until the beginning of 2021. The name is old because the two owners Marius and Kevin founded their own label under this name in Kathmandu, Nepal, back in 2007. There, they first produced rolling boards under this name and opened the first Arniko store. Currently, the company founded at that time makes sustainable furniture for the local market.

Since the beginning, the in-house Arniko collection has been produced there under the most sustainable and transparent conditions possible with local partners. It therefore makes sense that co-founder Marius (pictured above right) names the “own” products as the favourites in the shop. “Simply because we know the whole story of every product from the idea to the shop.

This history is now reflected in the shop’s new, old name. And even more space: with the renovation at the end of 2020, the shop area could be enlarged and expanded to two floors, which shine in new functional splendour. This makes it even more fun to rummage through the urban, high-quality and fairly produced fashion.

The new uni-coloured Arniko caps and the Arniko jumpers with Momo design have recently joined the range. The founders also recommend the company’s own shorts in trendy off-white, made under fair conditions in Kathmandu. The range also includes other brands, for example shoes or backpacks, which the founders Marius and Kevin stand behind with conviction.

Complementing this classic fashion shop offering, Arniko also has sundries for everyday use: stationery, sunglasses and even sardines. These are worth a try just for the exciting design and the unusual nature of the range.

At the Arniko concept store on Europaallee, you can find mainly urban, quality and fairly produced fashion on two floors. But also more, including sustainable sardines. The store is run by friends Marius and Kevin, just like the in-house fashion line.

Opening hours Arniko Concept Store
Monday – Friday 11:00 – 19:00
Saturday 10:00 – 17:00
Sunday closed