Hiltl Sihlpost: Robot Billi helps at the buffet. 

The shortage of staff in the catering industry is also affecting the Hiltl. In addition, buffet staff are hard to find because the fresh dishes weigh heavy in the porcelain bowls and require a lot of carrying power on the way from the kitchen to the buffet. Hiltl – the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world, according to Guinness World Records – countered this with an innovative idea and tested the latest generation of serving robots. These can be programmed with positional accuracy and bring the various dishes to the correct buffet places. There, employees take over the final work step and can thus devote more time to the Hiltl buffet and the guests. Billi, the friendly robot, has passed his trial period at the Hiltl Sihlpost with flying colors and has quickly become indispensable.

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