New Bar Concept – Conscious Eating & Drinking at Cinchona Bar

In keeping with Veganuary and Dry January, 25hours Hotel Langstrasse executive chef Sebastian Haase and food specialist Lauren Wildbolz have created plant-based bar food alternatives for Cinchona Bar to encourage conscious eating. The Asian-inspired menu created for Cinchona Bar offers both versatility and authenticity. The menu now features hearty dishes such as Good Fortune Bao Buns with Thai Basil Mayonnaise, Panko Fried Magic Mushrooms with Lemongrass, and Parsnip Fries with Truffle Mayonnaise. Small, seasonally changing, Kubo Tartes with chocolate sprinkles and apricots round out the menu. They are Lauren Wildbolz’s own creation.  Non-alcoholic beverages are also becoming increasingly popular and are set to feature more prominently at 25hours in the future. Bar manager Patrik Horvath has now created the Forester and Riddler Highball, non-alcoholic versions of the highballs typically served in the Cinchona Bar. Also new are premium wines from Kolonne Null and LOLA beer.