FOOD ZURICH: Die Zukunft der Kulinarik ist angerichtet.

From September 16 to 26, this year’s FOOD ZURICH is all about the cuisine of the future. Over 100 events by culinary innovators will enrich the program. The decentralized nature of the individual events means that the festival is designed to be as safe as possible in September.

After FOOD ZURICH Stadtgarten has been enriching Europaallee since July, in September the festival center will be located on Europaplatz, entrance to Europaallee, where various exciting workshops and events will take place.

Many stores in Europaallee will also participate in the FOOD ZURICH program by organizing interesting events. The following workshops and events will take place in Europaallee:

Know How from Cookbooks – Orell Füssli – September 18 and 23

Slow Food Market – 60 stands at Europaplatz – September 18
Create your own Negroni – Cinchona Bar – September 20 and 21
Fermenting – rediscovering an old tradition – VEG and the City – 23 September
Bake vegan macarons – Say Chocolate – September 20

Follow the links and register in time for the events, so you won’t miss anything.

Europaallee wishes you bon appétit!